• Johnnytopsidee

    Which routes show Manamai katsura having any for of sex with makoto itou? 

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  • General Wild Dog

    Makoto: “Since I’m scripted to be a womanizer, I'll decide my harem's composition all by myself. Itaru, put them down if you’d be so kind.”

    “Yes sir…I mean onii-chan.” Itaru mans an old-fashioned typewriter.

    Makoto: “Starting with Kotonoha Katsura and Kokoro Katsura.”

    “Affirmative.” Sound of tapping buttons. Itaru is operating the typewriter with high efficiency.

    Akane Hanasaki and Nanaka Shirakawa from Visual Novel ‘~ Da Capo II ~ Plus Communication’.”

    Itaru: “Not Otome Asakura?”

    Makoto: “Inadequate bust size.”

    “Agreed.” Sound of tapping buttons.

    Yuki Kusakabe and Sasara Kusugawa from Visual Novel ‘To Heart 2 XRated’.”

    Itaru: “Not Tamaki Kousaka? She’s the bustiest one of that group.”

    Makoto: “Indeed, however her comprehensive score is behind the other two,…

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  • ArenLuxon

    Kotonoha Project

    August 9, 2016 by ArenLuxon


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  • ArenLuxon

    Why I absolutely love School Days

    Haters gonna hate

    When you scroll through the reviews, basically everyone seems to hate School Days. There are a surprisingly large amount of active haters who are capable of filling up entire pages with how much they hate the series.

    Whether it’s about how the story went downhill:

    It started off fine, the whole love triangle story wasn't very unique or anything, but it entertained... It was fun at first to see this clueless pervert fail at getting a girl. The problem was when it became more of a love hexagon - And things went downhill from there. The story became difficult to watch due to the idiotic and retarded main character.

    Or the characters:

    The characters in this anime are seriously some of the dumbest p…

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  • Omega-003

    Just for fun! (This is not canon.)

    Inori Ashikaga : 92-59-87 160 cm

    Natsuhi Ebata : 94-61-96 164 cm

    Shun Hazama : 103-81-105 186 cm

    Hanon Nijou : 86-60-85 153 cm

    Niki Ookuma : 89-63-91 cm 160 cm

    Moeko Itou : 89-64-94 cm 165 cm

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  • General Wild Dog

    Don't be embarrased, and don't be tsundere. This is a franchise of adult game (or adult galgame/visual novel). So definitely it has a varity of H-Scenes. However, all of them are quite crude, because of the so-called "animated rendering". But still, in China we have an old saying "select a general among crowd of dwarfs", even they're crude, but not completely trash on perspective of quality.

    So, what's the favorite h-scene of your choice in School Days, Summer Days and Cross Days (excluding School Days HQ and Shiny Days)? I have picked one, simply based on prespectives of details of rendering and effect of sexual stimulation. I'll eloborate soon, below. Meanwhile, I hope someone can declare their opinions.

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  • Tyciol

    Or I've been trying to begin. Why do I keep want to edit the wiki... anywho I plan to make an article for Kokoro's friend + dad + Ito's friend guy who I forget his name at the moment. I don't know who else is missing, but I hope I can help make articles for minor forgettably ignored characters too, my heart goes out to them. +y@talk 04:44, January 22, 2012 (UTC)

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