Banquet of Mothers
Banquet of Mothers Kazuha Futaba
"Futaba, could the woman you saw Senpai with have been..."



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Banquet of Mothers is a Katsura Manami ending and one of 12 possible third episodes in Shiny Days.

Plot Edit

Banquet of Mothers follows the orange variant of the lower branch plot and ends just short of the festival.


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After spending a day having sex with Manami, Makoto returns home. On the day of the festival, he notices that he has a missed call from Karen and calls her back. The call is picked up by Futaba, however, as Karen is in the restroom at the time.

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Futaba enacts a scheme for her and Kazuha to seduce Makoto. However, on their way to his apartment, they are headed off by Manami. Makoto and Manani have sex; and Kotonoha, Kokoro, and Setsuna are left waiting for him on the train platform. When he doesn't show up, they decide to abandon the festival and go home.

Route Edit

Banquet of Mothers follows the orange variant of the lower branch. It shares a route with As a Mother and as a Woman, but it shares a node in the route map with Captivated by the Twins.

Banquet of mothers

During Makoto's late night visit to the Radish with Youko, Mai, and Manami, if Makoto is able to seduce Manami and have sex with her, then the route will begin heading towards either As a Mother and as a Woman or Banquet of Mothers.

When Youko goes inside to finish her work and leaves Makoto alone with Mai, Makoto begins to seduce Mai. He stops, however, when Manami arrives. Mai leaves Makoto alone with Manami. This is his opportunity to seduce her. Do not mention Kokoro at all, and do not accept the possibility that Setsuna has feelings for Makoto. This will allow Manami to be seduced.

On the day of the festival, whether or not Makoto decides to return Karen's call comes down to the state of the bar. If the bar is low enough, he will return Karen's call and begin the chain of events that would normally lead towards Captivated by the Twins. However, because he seduced Manami, the twins will be headed off by her, as they are all going to his apartment at the same time, and the ending will be Banquet of Mothers.

If the bar is too high, Makoto will decline to return Karen's call. When he goes to the festival, he's tracked down by Manami for the ending As a Mother and as a Woman.

Some reports indicate that the route map node may not be filled in until you have completed both Banquet of Mothers and Captivated by the Twins.