As a Mother and as a Woman
As A Mother And As A Woman Makoto Manami
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As a Mother and as a Woman is a Katsura Manami ending and one of 12 possible third episodes in Shiny Days.

Plot Edit

As a Mother and as a Woman follows the orange variant of the lower branch, up through the forest scene at the festival.


Episode title

Youko calls Makoto and invites him to visit her at the Radish late at night while she's busy finishing work for the Paris trip. He agrees and comes to the restaurant, where he meets Mai. Youko and Mai have a drink, and then Youko goes back inside to continue her work while Mai and Makoto talk.

As a Mother and as a Woman

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After some time, Manami shows up, and Mai introduces Makoto who claims to be Youko's boyfriend. Manami is taken aback at this. Later, Mai goes inside to help with work, leaving Manami to question Makoto. He then seduces her as well, and they have sex that evening and the following day.

Later, at the festival, Makoto and Kotonoha end up in the forest. As Kotonoha is working up to a confession, he tries the phone trick Setsuna told him about. However, just as he's about to see her message, Manami shows up and drags him away. Kotonoha, Kokoro, and Setsuna leave the festival confused.

Sometime later at the Radish, Makoto is caught in the middle of an argument between Youko and Manami, who are fighting over him. Setsuna helps extricate him from the uncomfortable situation, though she's not happy with his behavior.

Route Edit

As a mother and as a woman
To get As a Mother and as a Woman, Makoto must seduce Manami during his late night visit to the Radish without her witnessing Youko kissing Makoto. Makoto must then go to the festival with Setsuna, Kokoro, and Kotonoha.

The first key to this ending is to select the option "Sure" when Youko asks if it's okay that she and Mai have a drink. This will cause her to spend some time drinking before going back to work, and as a result, she will not come back out for a break later.

Secondly, Makoto must seduce Manami. This requires only that Makoto not mention Kokoro and that he reject the possibility that Setsuna likes him when pressed by Manami.

Finally, the bar must be full enough by the day of the festival such that Makoto does not return Karen's phone call, and thus ends up going to the festival with Setsuna, Kokoro, and Kotonoha.

Possible ways this route can go wrong are as follows:

  • If you don't allow Youko and Mai to have a drink, then seducing Manami and attending the festival will result in Mom's Boyfriend instead.
  • If the bar is not full enough come festival day after seducing Manami, you will get Banquet of Mothers instead.