Arisu Takatsukasa
Other names Head Nurse
Age 22 (Snow Radish Vacation!!)

42 (Large PonPon)

Gender Female
Hair Blue (Snow Radish Vacation!!)

Gray (Large PonPon)

Eyes Amber
Affiliation Snow Radish


Occupation Part-time worker of the Snow Radish (Snow Radish Vacation!!)

Head Nurse (Large PonPon)

Family and Relatives Two unnamed daughters

Rideru Takatsukasa (daughter)

Seiyuu Junko Kusayanagi (Snow Radish Vacation)

Arisu "Atchan" Takatsukasa (鷹司 ありす) is a secodary character in Large PonPon and one of the heroines of Snow Radish Vacation.

She eventually becomes the mother of four children. She has three daughters via Tomaru Sawagoe (one of them being Rideru) and a child via Tomaru's son Ayumu Inou, whom she had drugged and raped.



Arisu is the sole daughter of a farm family that lives nearby Snow Radish. She is an licensed practical nurse and is studying in a nursing university to become a registered nurse. She is good friends with Moegi and sometimes comes to the Snow Radish to have tea with her or to help as a waitress in when things are busy.

Snow Radish Vacation!!Edit


After Snow Radish VacationEdit

It is mentioned by Kagura that Arisu left Snow Radish with her daughters around the same time as Hatsuka shortly after Tomaru disappeared.

Large PonPonEdit


Arisu informing Ayumu the "good news"

Arisu is known as the head nurse and Yukari's boss. Ayumu can encounters her several times throughout various routes. In her route she'll give Ayumu a drugged cake that cause him to lose consciousness. She then proceed to rape him (the player can choose to refuse, but Arisu will force Ayumu to have sex with her anyway). Afterward, she'll inform Ayumu of the "good news" that she's pregnant which put Ayumu in despair mode.


Summer Radish Vacation!! 2Edit

During the prologue she spoke briefly with Rideru.


  • Arisu is the only character in Snow Radish Vacation to have variation in her sex scene by choosing the uniform at the start of the game.
  • Her favorite phrase is "Oh my" (あら Ara).
  • In Large PonPon and ☆QuizDE☆PonPon, her sex scene with Ayumu isn't shown due to being fandisservice.
  • Despite her speak directly with Rideru in the prologue of Summer Radish Vacation!! 2 she does not have a sprite.