Another Good Luck Charm
Chapter 4
Title Another Good Luck Charm
Romanji Mō Hitotsu no Omajinai
Kanji もうひとつのおまじない
Release Date July 26, 2007
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Previous First Kiss
Next The Story Begins

Another Good Luck Charm (もうひとつのおまじない, Mō Hitotsu no Omajinai) is the fourth chapter of School Days manga.


Sekai sees Makoto and Kotonoha

Sekai saw Makoto and Kotonoha together at the station

At the Station, Sekai sees Makoto exit a train and tries to call to him - until she sees that he is with Kotonoha.

At school, Sekai tells Makoto that she saw him that morning, then asks if they kissed yet. As Makoto answers her, she starts to tease him by guessing they did kiss, but this annoys Makoto and he starts to regret telling her about anything. Sekai decides they should celebrate this accomplishment but Makoto declines until Hikari, Setsuna, and Nanami appear next to them. Sekai tells them of her plans to have Makoto join them, but when she decides they will just get in the way she decides to go along with her friends.

Before she leaves, Makoto yells at her and tells her not to tell them about his kiss with Kotonoha. She agrees and joins her friends in the Cafeteria. Hikari complains that despite her attempt with the charm, Taisuke hasn't fallen in love with her yet. She asks Sekai if she has a boyfriend, but Nanami intervenes to say she doesn't need to do anything, as they believe her boyfriend is Makoto. Sekai denies this, although Hikari is suspicious and tries to look on her phone. Sekai shouts at her friends until they catch the attention of several nearby students, then excuses herself while they claim to have just been joking around. Sekai heads out to the courtyard and recalls that she in fact did try the charm, but is depressed knowing that it didn't work.

Setsuna look at Sekai's phone

Setsuna looks at Sekai's phone

In class, Makoto asks Sekai if she said anything about him and Kotonoha. She mentions that she did, but he notices that she is behaving weirdly, then tells this to Kotona once class ends. In order to cheer her up, Kotonoha suggests the trio walk home together.

Meanwhile, Setsuna asks Sekai if she is still thinking about what happened back in the Cafeteria. She tells Setsuna not to worry over it and is joined by Kotonoha and Makoto, who tell her their idea to walk home with them.

As they head to the Station, Makoto pulls Sekai aside from a nearby truck that was going to hit her after she absentmindedly crosses the road and didn't pay attention to the red pedestrian stop light. Makoto scolds her for being so careless and checks to see if she okay, but instead of answering she runs off.

Elsewhere, Setsuna picks up Sekai's phone, giving her a chance to look at its wallpaper before Sekai reaches her for it. She gives back her phone, and when Sekai realizes she was looking at it, she explains everything to her.

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