Ai Ogata
Born 3 June
Blood-Type B
Gender Female
Height 150 cm
Weight 41 Kg
B.W.H 78-65-79
Affiliation Aoi School
Family and Relatives Mr. Ogata (father)

Mrs. Ogata (mother)
Kei Ogata (half-bother)

Ai Ogata is the daughter of Mr. Ogata and Mrs. Ogata. Her mother also has a son, Kei Ogata, who is her half brother because his father is Tomaru Sawagoe, nor Ogata.

She is mentioned in Miss Each Other.


Paternity chartsEdit

Some people mistakenly think Tomaru is her father (like her brother Kei) instead of Mr. Ogata, her mother's husband, leading to some mistakes on family trees: